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Technology is a critical component in the healthcare industry. Sourcenet strives to maintain state of the art technology in order to be in front of your needs. Our platform allows providers to interface with us seamlessly and efficiently.

Sourcenet Medical Billing Associates, LLC utilizes the latest technologies in order to ensure availability, reliability, and security of our client data during day-to-day operations. Here is a small list of the technology we have at our disposal:

*Juniper SRX Series Security Gateway Services

Through the implementation of Juniper technology, Sourcenet is able to ensure that not only is our Internet connection secure from external threats, but enforce the proper authentication and security of allowed communications to and from our network over the Internet.

*Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services

With Terminal Services, we are able to provide clients their data in real time! Clients with Windows XP Professional and higher can log on to our Terminal Server securely and interact with our billing application just as if the client were sitting at a computer in our office! Our Terminal Server is available to anyone with a high speed Internet connection regardless of where they are!

*Microsoft Windows Sharepoint Services

This web based service, used internally by Sourcenet staff, allows for the smooth communication of data, bulletins, and other company initiatives all with an easy to use centralized interface.

*Secure FTP Upload

Scanned documents can be uploaded to Sourcenet via Secure FTP. Our FTP server is secured with 128 bit SSL encryption for maximum security.


Relational database practice management system that is windows based, user friendly, HIPAA compliant and capable of stand alone or web enabled access through Terminal Services.

*Service Packs and Updates

Microsoft and other software vendors routinely release patches and service packs for their products that fix bugs and add additional security features. Sourcenet LLC evaluates each update for compatibility and installs those updates monthly.
*Event Logging

All pertinent events, such as log on and log off, are tracked on Sourcenet’s network. All event logs are stored in a central repository for analysis to see if any security policy is being abused and to look for any errors that could eventually compromise smooth system operation. This preemptive action allows us to deal with any issues before they can cause any significant problems.

*Disaster Planning

Sourcenet continuously works toward an effective disaster plan for quick recovery. Sourcenet currently has two hot site locations to assist the company and our clients in the event of a disaster which allows us to be LIVE within 24-48 hours.  Sourcenet partners with both Professional Data Management from a Information Technology standpoint and Agility Recovery Solutions to ensure quick recovery when faced with any disaster. 

Download Tricerat Universal Print Driver

Tricerat is the universal printer driver client for our server network. Click this link to download the client zip file that is compatible with 64 bit versions of Microsoft Windows.   Click this link to download the client zip file that is compatible with 32 bit version of Microsoft Windows.


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