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Emily Osetek - Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Automation brings rewards …and change…and another reason to outsource!

As business owners, we all need to look at our operations and identify where we can cut resources and costs. Rather than cut personnel which have been trained and vested in your business, look at how you can automate their processes and use these key individuals in a more profitable role. I recently met with a practice that had lost a full-time employee and I showed them how to automate some of their processes to better manage their operations. Who knows, maybe they won’t have to replace that FTE! More savings!

• It is imperative to place call reminders to patients so you can reduce the amount of no-shows to a practice. Rather than using a staff member to do this task, use an automated re-call system to leave reminders for your patients. The decrease in no-shows far outweighs the cost of the service!

• In this economy, you must verify eligibility and benefits prior to the patient visit. Instead of having a staff member do this task, you should be able to upload your schedule to a clearinghouse the night before and receive a report the next morning with verification. This will help you to collect deductibles and co-pays at time of service and not wait for your payment.

• Have your payments automatically posted by your software vendor. All vendors should have this capability and you will see a huge productivity savings. More time can be spent on working denials which in many practices do not get worked at all!

• If you are still processing statements in your office you should immediately outsource this task. Many labor hours are spent on this task not to mention the cost of paper, envelopes, and postage.

Making changes like this does not happen overnight. It takes a while to implement and it means work flow changes for your office. If you make a plan, communicate it and implement over a 3-6 month time period, your staff will have buy-in and help you succeed. Everything I mentioned above is how Sourcenet provides optimum service to their clients. We streamlined the processes so we can focus our time with our clients and their patients.

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