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Emily Osetek - Wednesday, August 22, 2012
  • Sourcenet reviews each client's Accounts Receivables on an on-going basis to make sure the insurance companies are held accountable to reimburse the practice. Even though Medicare “crosses over” to the secondary carrier, 20% of the time this does not happen due to internal conflicts at the carriers. We issue a secondary claim either manually or through our clearinghouse (ZirMed, Inc.) and you get paid. Even though we are highly electronic, errors will happen. Your automatic payment posting module may hic-up and all payments may not post as normal. It may not have indicated a denial accurately and so the whole account was disallowed and written-off. Someone has to audit all the automated processes to make sure they are processing correctly and tweak them when necessary. Carriers are always updating and adding new adjustment and message codes. Someone has to manually map these items so they process correctly. The default in most practice management systems is to “disallow” and adjust off. We look at every claim to ensure accuracy.  Our staff is trained to provide quality assurance on your account. If you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid. Period.

By: Emily M. Osetek, CHBME

President, Sourcenet Medical Billing Associates, LLC

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