"Sourcenet gave us the support we needed, when we needed it."

In October 2004, Sourcenet was purchased by Emily M. Osetek, CHBME.  The company was failing and consisted of only six providers at the time.  After securing six month agreements with the existing providers, Sourcenet went through a major reengineering initiative to turn the company around.  Today, Sourcenet has well over 150 providers and the original six are still with the company today!

Sourcenet's corporate office is located in Mt Pleasant, SC, with client providers in six states and Washington, D.C.  We provide services from A to Z which includes:  credentialing, charge processing, payment processing, accounts receivable review, appeals, patient statements, soft collections and we assist with transferring accounts to your collection agency if applicable.  We also provide consulting services to help offices determine how they can work smarter, not harder.  We are EHR friendly and work with various vendors to provide interface capabilities to our clients.  The company went "paperless" in 2006 and continues to look for ways to be "green" for both the company and our clients.


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